The Fire in the Desert

Huge Cirque Du Soleil fan!! And I LOVE Bollywood movies!

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Ichabod @ The bank

The funniest part of the episode! I never really thought about the pen connected to the chain like that but I apologize in advance the next time I’m in a bank and I see that pen and chuckle. =D


Ichabod: Let’s do this incredibly dangerous thing.

Jenny: Don’t do it.

Abbie: Okay, let’s do the incredibly dangerous thing.

Jenny: NO.

Ichabod: Just need to find the body!

Jenny: Goddammit.


The Kindred


I love them. 

I think they are an adorable couple as well. I don’t have a problem with Katrina. Not to mention this is a romantic scene with the candle.

(thanks, sel)


Blacklist Season 2 Magazine Ads ❤️


Rumbelle on their honeymoon.

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